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COURSE 3 – Advanced techniques to vehicle selling

This course is designed to delve into some of the soft skills required as well as excellent techniques in overcoming objections and giving you the skill to be a professional salesperson and to possibly make it your career.

Here are some of the Aims of this course:

  • Increase your closing ratio. This means for every client you meet and is a purchasing customer you would aim to close the sale. The current average for a competent salesperson is a closing ratio of 4 to 1. This means that to sell 10 vehicles a month this person would have to meet 40 potential customers in the given month. This is not ideal and we will show you how to halve this ratio and if you are able to in time with practice fine tune your skills you could close a deal with every customer you deal with.

This can be done by knowing some of the following skills when faced with obstacles. It is inevitable that you will face obstacles to overcome during the sales process. Some examples below.

  • Trade in valuation is not agreed upon
  • Settlement of the trade in is to high
  • The customer requires a deposit they do not have
  • The instalment is to high
  • The customers partner and or friends are not in favour of your brand or model
  • Model and or colour shortages.
  • Customer is not nearby and the trade in is in another province


  • Customer not satisfied with the deal structure and wants more discount
  • Customer shopping your price with other dealers within your region
  • Customer not confident due to a negative experience with the Brand and or dealership.

Unfortunately you will have to walk away from a deal when the customer’s credit history is fully rejected by the financial institutions and they do not have someone prepared to assist them such as a relative or friend.

In the first module we will return to the starting point of when you meet your customer for the first time. We will identify certain scenarios that could be an obstacle to you closing your sale and having a satisfied customer.