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Course 1 – Introduction to the Motor Industry

First Course Summary

  • The introductory course will be completed once your assessments have been moderated.
  • You will then be eligible to proceed to Course two which will assist you as an incumbent vehicle sales executive.
  • It is imperative that you complete Course Two to be eligible to be placed in the recruitment database.
  • Any questions may be directed to the moderator at any time

Why we do what we do

  • Dear Student, with this country’s massive unemployment rate the chance of school leavers, students, and graduates of finding employment is a difficult and a massive challenge.  Businesses want people who have the skills and or experience within their operations. Training and Development is not at the forefront due to the costs, time, and poor results that they might and do often occur.
  • Unfortunately, the Motor Industry has a limited, and often a poor track record in training prospective employees whilst employed. This country has a diverse culture with people from all Races, Creeds and Cultures.  As the Motor Industry functions and operates using Western Business Principals, it does not allow prospective employees the freedom nor do they have the expertise to develop or train new employees on how to adapt, operate and thrive coming from various and diverse cultures within the Country.
  • The South African Institute of Excellence has recognized the need to train school leavers, students, graduates or any person seeking employment to have the necessary skills to be employable, no matter what their level of education is. We aim to train , educate and develop everyone who takes our courses in order to give them enough skills to be able to start at any prospective employer with the basic knowledge required, thus making them more employable.
  • The courses offer the learner the ability to gain their skills at their own pace and at an extremely affordable rate. Our Courses are designed to be simple, easy to understand but contain all the relevant and up to date content related to the Motor Industry.
  • Each course offered will train and upskill the student towards their chosen career path. Further courses we have developed will contain more in-depth training and content material.
  • The Courses contents are filled with over 30 years of knowledge and expertise. They are a treasure chest of wisdom and proven expertise gained from current senior members as well as ex members from within the Motor Industry.
  • In finality we welcome you as a Student to our Institute of Excellence. By completing these courses we believe you will have gained an advantage over many other prospective employees ,as you will have been trained to have  the necessary skill set and knowledge for you to be able to be employable.

The Business world from a South African Perspective

  • Without discussing South African history in depth, the way Business is transacted or how it operates in South Africa is aligned to the format of “Western Business Principles” .Whilst the British where the main initiators of doing Business this way while South Africa was part of the commonwealth, it held onto most of what was implemented even after it became a Republic in 1961. All systems, processes, methods of how we do Business in South Africa has been adapted to transact in unity with the rest of the Western world.  The thinking, methodology and Principals were ingrained and taught to children mainly from the white population.  Due to the introduction and implementation of “Apartheid” many of South Africa’s other Races and cultures were not subject to the Western way of living and thinking and as a result of this many Cultures and Races have been neglected, rejected and have been placed at a disadvantage.  This has obviously had an impact on their lives as well as their families lives and has hindered their chances of success within the workplace and thus a fair chance to earn a decent living wage.
  • These modules aim to enlighten the Student, Job seeker or anyone as to what to expect and of what is expected when starting employment in the Motor Industry, or and Industry in South Africa.